About us

gr. λόγος [lógos] ‘word; sense; plan’

gr. φίλος [phílos] ‘a friend; someone who loves’

LogoFil exists to take care of all your linguistic needs inside the marketing and online communication space. A team of professionals will perform your desired services with utmost attention to detail and the highest degree of expertise.

The goal of our efforts at LogoFil is to provide you with the proper linguistic expression with which you will greet the outside world in the digital space as well as the real world. We do this by proofreading/editing your texts, coming up with ad and e-mail campaings, creating compelling content, elevating text to native level etc. Check out the full range of our services here.

There is a special place in LogoFil’s heart for the classical languages ­­– Latin and Ancient Greek – as well as the classical culture of European antiquity. Both of the languages and the civilisations they thrived in have many intellectual, linguistic and spiritual treasures on offer for the curious.

LogoFil, s. p., is a registered company in Slovenia under VAT number SI53131932. You can find us on social media, reach out by e-mail (info@logofil.eu) or use the Contact Form.