In assessing the costs and due dates, we do follow some general rules and rates. However, we are fully aware that each and every project is unique.

You’re invited to upload your text file (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .txt) in the form below, choose the suitable service category or categories and language(s), and finally, add a short description of what you have in mind. If a text file is not required / does not exist yet for your inquiry, please tick the “No file” box. The same applies if you wish to inquire about a webpage or website – in this case please add the URL to the description and be very precise about the extent of the required service.

Provide your e-mail when inquiring to receive a response. We will do our best to assess your requirement promptly. Please allow for 48 hours to receive a response. If no response arrives, consider that something went wrong and reach out via e-mail (


The below table provides a general idea on the rates used by LogoFil. The given rates are approximations based on the market conditions and are meant to give a general idea on the prices of individual services. The parameters governing pricing are, however, very complex and need to be adjusted for each particular project. This is why we are encouraging you to send an inquiry using the above form, and receive a quote based on your individual requirements.

The given rates are in EURO (€). The quote, if required, may be given in another currency.

Translation (rate per word)

From (below) / into (right)EnglishSloveneCroatianSerbianCzechLatin
English/0.06-0.09 €0.07-0.09 €0.08-0.10 €0.11-0.13 €0.30-0.40 €
Slovene0.06-0.09 €/0.07-0.09 €0.08-0.10 €0.11-0.13 €0.30-0.40 €
Croatian0.07-0.09 €0.07-0.09 €/0.08-0.10 €0.11-0.13 €0.30-0.40 €
Serbian0.08-0.10 €0.08-0.10 €0.08-0.10 €/0.11-0.13 €0.30-0.40 €
Czech0.10-0.12 €0.11-0.13 €0.11-0.13 €0.11-0.13 €/0.30-0.40 €

Proofreading (rate per word)

LanguageBasic proofreadingProofreading with editing Proofreading, editing & SEO
English0.02-0.03 €0.04-0.06 €0.06-0.08 €
Slovene0.02-0.03 €0.04-0.06 €0.06-0.08 €
Croatian0.02-0.03 €0.04-0.06 €0.06-0.08 €
Serbian0.03-0.04 €0.06-0.08 €0.07-0.09 €
Czech0.03-0.04 €0.06-0.08 €0.07-0.09 €

Copywriting, Content Writing

Copywriting and content writing start at the baseline of 0.12 € per word.

Technical Editing

Technical editing carries a flat fee of 10 € + a baseline of 1.50 € per page.


For other services, please use the above form.