3-word address map in Slovene (what3words)

Adapting the what3words app and map for the Slovenian space. ENG>SLO

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what3words is a linguistic geolocation system based on a sequence of 3 words that is unique to every 3×3 m square on Planet Earth. The system requires about 25.000 words for each language to cover every inch of the Earth’s land surface, and up to date, the system has been deployed in 56 languages. We are thrilled to have been a part of the journey toward creating a Slovene what3words map as well as being chosen as a partner for translating the UI and technical paraphernalia of the app.

Our work on the project required creating a list of words for a given prompt; rating the words by frequency and suitability; beta-testing the map; and translating the UI and webpage for Slovene users of what3words. The project had several layers and was carried out over the course of 4 months. The Slovene what3words app was deployed on 28th of March, 2023.


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