2 books on the classical languages (Mohorjeva družba)

Translation of two books on the classical languages, Latin and Ancient Greek. ENG/ITA>SLO.

    • Transcreation & Localisation, Translation
    • Mohorjeva družba, d.o.o.

Did we mention we love the classical languages?In the last two years, Mohorjeva družba, a Slovenian publishing house, paid a sort of homage to the classical languages in the form of two popular science books about Latin and Ancient Greek. The books represent comprehensive material for the uninitiated that simply was not present in the Slovenian space before that time. The two books are:

  • A Natural History of Latin by Tore Janson, a famous book on the history and properties of the most influential language in human civilisation. Translated from English and rendered into Slovene as Povest o latinščini.
  • La lingua geniale/The Ingenious Language by Andrea Marcolongo, a light-reading journey through Ancient Greek, its grammatical quirks as well as the literary culture and civilisational background that gave us this poetic, philosophical means of human expression. The book was translated from Italian and English with the Slovene title Bistroumni jezik.

Translating these two books meant adapting their content to the Slovenian space and the Slovene-speaking reader. While translating, many new examples had to be brought up from the Slovene and incorporated into the books. This is the process called transcreation.

The books can be found in all Mohorjeva bookshops across Slovenia.

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