Three projects on Slovene (Appen)

Generating and reviewing wordlists; comparing and assessing machine translations; localising, proofreading and SAMPA-transcribing place names and proper names in Slovene.

    • Editing, Language Consulting, Proofreading, Transcreation & Localisation, Translation
    • Appen LEX (internal SAMPA list management tool)
    • Appen

Appen provides many opportunities for linguists and consistently utilises the same people for various updates and iterations of their varied interesting projects. At LogoFil, we have been tapped as specialists for Slovene for three different projects, some of which are still ongoing:

  • project Vistula, concerning comparing two versions of a machine translated Slovene sentence (SLO<>ENG)
  • project Nida, concerning generating, curating and editing lists of various expressions in Slovene; most notably, an exhaustive list of profanities to be used in web filters
  • project Nokasippi, concerning editing, proofreading and transcribing into the SAMPA phonetic chart an extensive list of Slovene place names and proper names for the purposes of training AI in Slovene pronunciation.

Appen is a reliable partner with whom we continue to collaborate.

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