“Three weekends, four flutes” – vignettes for flute compositions (KUD Kefeide)

Translating three stories about three wekends as a backstory for musical composition/performance.

    • Transcreation & Localisation, Translation

KUD Kefeide is a Slovenian association for culture and the arts, primarily concerned with flute music and publishing original compositions. This particular composition is a collection of three pieces for a quartet of flutes. For each of the pieces, there is a short introductory story, a setting which the performers can take in to help them with interpreting the score.

Our task was to translate the settings, which include a “weekend at the seacoast”, a “rainy weekend” and a “weekend in the mountains”, from Slovene into English. The descriptions in Slovene were fairly poetical, but still a little wanting, so we asked for licence to expand on the text and give it a little more depth. The permission was granted, and as we sent over the finished product, they even asked to translate the created English texts back into Slovene to use them instead! This was a fairly fruitful collaboration and a real pleasure to do.

You can order the collection as well as other compositions by KUD Kefeide here.

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